Stanford University


Stanford People, AI & Robots Group (PAIR) is a research group under the Stanford Vision & Learning Lab that focuses on developing methods and mechanisms for generalizable robot perception and control.

We work on challenging open problems at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. We develop algorithms and systems that unify in reinforcement learning, control theoretic modeling, and 2D/3D visual scene understanding to teach robots to perceive and to interact with the physical world.

We are always looking out for talented members to join our group. Please see our current openings at the Join Us page.

  • We released our new paper on 6D pose estimation from RGB-D data.
  • We released our new paper on learning multimodal representations for robot manipulation.
  • Two papers from PAIR are accepted at CoRL 2018.
  • We have released our new paper on one-shot visual imitation with neural task graphs.